Great Indian Unemployment story: Is SPORTS the solution?

India is a sea of young talent which is said to be the deciding factor of the country’s future. However, will just possessing young talent do the work? Not necessarily!

Close to 2.45 crore people graduate every year in India. Out of which 97.3 lakhs are graduate as BA (Bachelor of arts), 47.3 lakhs and 41.6 lakhs are the numbers of graduates in BSc and Engineering respectively. We sure have the numbers, but what about the employment opportunities for all of them? Do we have enough job opportunities to provide employment to all the graduates?

The statistics related to the job market are not that promising. Only 60% of the total graduates are likely to be achieving jobs. 97% of the graduates aspire to get placed in sectors such as IT and BPO and work for multination companies and rest 3% go for core sector jobs. What is the future of others? Is there any way to avoid this job crisis?

Indian mentality of students being encouraged to participate in a few fields only should stop and we have to start diversifying the career options to the sectors. One such very promising area is sports. With a yearly growth of 15%, the Indian sports industry is right there at the top among the fastest growing Industries. Thanks to the Initiatives from the government such as ‘Khelo India’ which resulted in boost of sports in the country. So much so that Indian sports industry is doing better than the global Industry which is currently at 12.6%. An individual is free to choose from multiple subsets within sports such as professional coach, sports player, sports journalist, commentator, Referee, Health advice officer, Health and Public Services leader, etc.

With the job market getting tougher and tougher for conventional courses like Engineering and Medicine. Sports can be looked at as more than a viable option if one has passion and enthusiasm to pursue it.

Sports in itself is an ecosystem and might just be the answer for the professional and personal enhancement of an individual.


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